For a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing sleep, the Smile mattress is the ideal choice for your baby, giving him a smile day and night!
To make your baby smile,
even in his sleep!

Baby Smile Mattress

Μοναδικά στρώματα υψηλών προδιαγραφών, χωρίς ελατήρια, με καρδιά από προηγμένα αφρώδη υλικά, φιλικά προς το χρήστη και το περιβάλλον.

baby matresses

Your own mattress, in the dimension you want

Each mattress is made to order, so that it is always tailored to your needs.


* every 2 cm in width and length (only in even dimensions).

What makes Baby Smile so special?

Baby Smile


Anatomical materials for exceptional comfort

Baby Smile


Proper support for his spine thanks to Baby Bonnel.

The support is provided by the stable and durable Baby Bonnel Springs, which provide the necessary comfort and rest, so your baby can enjoy calm nights, without interruptions. The special Stability Frame used peripherally, keeps the spring core compact, ensuring the durability and the correct performance of the mattress.

Baby Smile fabric


Comfort Fill cover for better cuddle and comfort.

Baby Smile fabric


• Total Health Protection, for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
• Anti-Acaria Shield, the leading health shield for hygiene and protection.
• Side Support, for safety and functionality.
• Pumping Effect, for freshening the materials and hygiene.
• Cocoflex Anti Dust-Mite, for incomparable hygiene.

Offer 10%
120.00€ ›108.00€

* The price refers to a 70X140cm mattress

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