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Why MEDIA STROM pillow

Our experience does not stop only in the mattress industry, but also in all the accessories for a good sleep!
With the 5 different rows of pillows we cover every need and every consumer public!

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Gives freshness and offers a massage effect

Elastic memory foam pillow with gel in the center, which gives freshness and gives a massage effect.
The thermoregulatory action of the gel ensures constant freshness in the support area of the head

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Relaxation and peace of mind

Relaxing lavender scent
Memory foam pillow with lavender scent
Lavender has properties that help muscle relaxation and peace of mind, making the sleep process faster!

129€ › 116.1€
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Ideal support and feeling of freshness

Massage Support consists on the one side of 100% memory foam that ‘breathes’ and on the other, memory foam that gives the feeling of coolness!
On both sides you achieve ideal support and a feeling of freshness. The unique chill on one side of the pillow, gives stability for comfort adapted to your measures, while the other side is shaped to offer a pleasant massage. BUY IT
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139€ › 125.1€

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Elasticity & hygiene from a Natural material.
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Pillows with Memory Foam and Aloe Vera extract.
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Incomparably fluffy and soft feeling
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