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Mediflex Relax

Ideal for… Flexy types

• Mediflex Relax combines perfectly with each of the flexible mattresses in the Flexy series. The remote control allows us to give the desired inclination, in 5 different parts of the frame, thus creating our completely personal resting position.
• With 26 [+2] superelastic arcuate boards per side.
• The 2 extra are special, flattened elastic pads, for excellent support at the edges of the mattress
• Recommended only for mattresses with foam core, without springs.
• Ideal for the Flexy mattress range

Offer 15%

Mediflex Soft & Hard

Ideal for hard and soft… mattress types

• Adjustable firmness frame to adapt to our personal preferences. Thanks to the unique Smart Firmness Control® mechanism, we can easily and quickly adjust the level of firmness, achieving a personalized feel per side.
• Ideal for couples… with different sleeping preferences!
• With 26 [+2] superelastic flexible boards per side.
• The 2 extra are special, flattened arched laths, for excellent support at the edges of the mattress.
• Recommended for all mattresses.


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