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Each Media Strom store has all the mattresses with springs for sampling. Flexy series is available in selected stores.
You can find the complete collection of mattresses and beds in our stores in Glyfada, Chalandri and Florida (Thessaloniki).
For available beds per store, you can contact Customer Service.

In Chaidari, 248 Athens Av., you will find Media Strom Stock House to discover unique opportunities in Media Strom products. However, it operates at certain times in the year, so at the moment it remains closed.

You can contact the Customer Service Department from Monday to Friday 09: 00-15: 00 in any of the following ways:

There is a complete alignment between online (eshop) and offline (retail stores) for offers and promotions. Exceptions are limited web offers which you can see here

Our mattresses have an 8 year written guarantee (except Benefit & Baby). More information about the guarantees of all our products, you will find by clicking here.

The guarantee on your mattress starts from the day you receive it in your home. In order to verify the date of purchase and for the validity of the guarantee, it is always necessary to provide purchases receipt.

The Media Strom guarantee is valid normally and starts from the day you receive it at your home.

We recommend that you contact either the store where you completed your purchases, or the Customer Service department by clicking here.

Contact the Customer Service department for advice.

The genuineness of a Media Strom product is proven both by the additional documents and by the special indications on the product.

Of course! Otherwise, contact the Customer Service department to be informed of your options.

In short, the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification is the strictest and most valid certification / assurance for the complete absence of harmful substances from your mattress.

The certification must have the original logo and be accompanied by the official registration number, eg VN025 125204 OETI

The Oeko-Tex certification for our products is renewed every 1 year.

All our mattresses are made to order according to your needs, every 2 cm in width and length (even dimensions).

It is normal for the mattress to provide different sense, depending on the surface on which you use it. For this reason we make sure to combine our mattress with the appropriate type of base (bed). Also, do not forget that your body always needs a short period of adjustment to get used to the new sleep experience.

4G mattresses are mattresses that are produced and provided to the partner network stores. Send us which model you are looking for and in which area by clicking
HERE and we will answer you as soon as possible about which partner store will serve you!

Removed models cannot be produced again. We are constantly updating our mattresses and it is certain that a new, upgraded mattress will meet your needs!

Our mattresses are configurable only in terms of length and width and each material is placed on each mattress to offer specific benefits. As soon as there is an allergy, inform us about this material (e.g. latex) and we will find out which model is suitable for you.

The weight of each mattress varies depending on the model and dimensions. You can inform us about the model you are interested in as well as the dimension and we will answer you as soon as possible!

It has been proven and certified that spring mattresses do not create magnetic fields. In order to create a magnetic field, the metal must get in contact with electricity.

You can use an electric blanket with all our mattresses except Pure & Fresh (Flexy series, Memory Foam mattresses)

By flippin your mattress often (every two months), either by rotating it or changing sides, you achieve its maximum durability over time. More specifically: In the mattresses of the Optimum series we change sides in the change of seasons (winter-summer) and in between we simply rotate them. The Advance Prime series mattresses and the Pure and Fresh mattresses from the Flexy series are single-sided and we do not need to change sides, as long as we rotate them.

All sleeping products for hygiene reasons must be replaced after 8 years.

Clearly! Humidity is the enemy of the mattress and sleep hygiene. Humidity brings on mites and microorganisms which are then impossible to remove from the mattress and sleeping environment. Therefore the use of a protective cover is considered even more necessary as well as the use of a dehumidifier.

The mattress should be stored in a dry and shady place, in its packaging. Caution, the mattress should NOT be stored upright.

The mattress cannot be washed, nor must it come in contact with any kind of humidity. That is why the use of a protective cover from the first day of use is recommended.

The main criterion for choosing a mattress is the feeling you get when you lie on it. To find out which mattress meets your needs and best suits your body, visit a Media Strom spot.

To find the dimensions, follow these simple steps

  • Use a metal or wooden meter and not a measuring tape.
  • Measure the inside of your bed, not your old mattress.
  • Its width, from the inside of a side crisscross to the opposite.
  • Its length, from the inside of the headboard to the inside of the lower leg.
  • The depth, from the top of the crisscross to the surface where the mattress will be pressed [crate or planks].

Make the most of your visit to the store and try the mattresses of your choice, giving as much time as you need. This way, you will have the most complete picture of what will meet your needs.

Our sales consultants are the most suitable people to listen to you and suggest the mattress or mattress series that will meet your needs. In any case, the most important role is played by the opinion of your doctor regarding any sensitivity, but also the feeling that you will get by trying the mattress.

Throughout body development, from infancy to youth, the mattress plays a crucial role. That’s why you need to choose a mattress that will provide the highest possible level of support and the best quality of sleep. According to the research presented at the 6th Interdisciplinary Sleep Conference in collaboration with the Sleep Center of Evangelismos Hospital and the Medical School of the University of Athens, Pocket technology mattresses (Pocket springs) are the ones that contribute most to the quality of sleep.

The ideal mattress based on research is the semi-firm. The urban legend that a good mattress is a firm mattress has been debunked for several years. That is why in Media Strom our mattresses have a semi- firm structure and the final feel is differentiated by the careful combination of materials.

Orthopedics and anatomy are basically medical terms and particularly misunderstood in our industry. There is no right or wrong, as orthopedics is about the support a mattress provides and anatomy about comfort. The support comes from the core of the springs and the comfort from the foam materials and the quilt. It is important to make it clear that all our mattresses provide both support and comfort and depending on the category of mattresses, the level varies. E.g. as a rule, pocket springs provide a higher level of comfort and support.

Pocket springs provide a higher level of comfort and support. The pocket springs ideally support every different body type, as they adapt to the curves of your body and limit the sense of movement of your partner in case he wants to change position or even get up from the mattress, thus providing a much better level of sleep. In fact, according to the research presented at the 6th Interdisciplinary Sleep Conference in collaboration with the Sleep Center of Evangelismos Hospital and the Medical School of the University of Athens, Pocket technology mattresses (pocket springs) are the ones that contribute most to the quality of sleep.

As any new product, the mattress has the characteristic smell of the ’new product’. The smell is completely normal, it is not considered a defect and will disappear after a few days. You need to remove the mattress packaging and let it ventilate for a few hours before layering the protective cover and the sheets.

It is especially important that the mattress is supported by the appropriate base in order to function as a complete sleep system. The appropriate surface will maximize the support and comfort characteristics of the mattress and will affect its durability over time.
In case you have a wooden or metal bed, your mattress should be placed on a active frame for its optimal performance. Simple wooden planks must have distance, while old-fashioned flexible metal tumbles are very likely to damage your mattress.
The active frames are made with beech or birch wood turnings and a solid metal frame. They do not creak, do not break, do not warp and do not mold. The dynamic frame helps your mattress to provide 100% of its support and protects it from damage.

You can consult either with the store from which you completed your purchases, or contact the Customer Service department and be informed about both your options and the cost.

You can contact the Customer Service department and be informed about both your options and the cost.

You will also find washing information in the special tab that accompanies the product.

All sleeping products for hygiene reasons must be replaced every 2 years.

You can discover our rich collection of fabrics in all our stores!

The appropriate pillow offers:

Proper neck support.
The curve of the neck, as a extension of the spine, needs to be held in its natural position during sleep, both for muscle relaxation and for better breathing. Proper support depends on both the final height of the pillow and its core material.
Comfort and pleasant feeling.
Choosing the most ideal features for a pillow (material, height, cover,) is a necessary condition for a deep and relaxing sleep, as it ensures an overall comfortable and enjoyable feeling.
Easy to adjust to the user.
Position changes are common during sleep. The pillow should respond immediately to these changes, without pushing. For the same reason it is important to combine it with the right mattress.
We recommend your visit to one of our stores, so that you can try pillows from a wide range and find the one that suits your needs but also based on the mattress you have or will choose!

For online shopping from the e-shop

  • Free shipping for orders over € 400
  • For purchases under € 400 shipping is calculated based on Postal Code and order amount

For orders from stores

  • Free for delivery to neighboring areas or to the agencies in the area they serve!

We can deliver your order free of charge to any agency in Attica or within the area that serves the local store where you placed your order thus the order will be sent to the country of your choice.

The mattresses are made to order individually for each customer, for reasons of quality assurance and hygiene.
7-10 working days for online shopping
5-7 working days for deliveries in Attica from Media Strom stores
For all other cases you can be informed from the point of sale of Media Strom products that you are interested in

Our products are delivered directly to your home for quality assurance and hygiene reasons.

You can contact the Customer Service Monday to Friday 09:00-15:00 through the following ways:

If you are in an area of Attica or Thessaloniki, the mattress and bed you have ordered will be delivered to your room.
Just make sure you have already removed your old mattress and if you are waiting for your new bed to remove the old one. Our specialized partners will install and assemble the new sleep system that you just bought!

By law you must call the relevant service of your municipality, so the special vehicle would be sent for collection (as is done with other furniture, closets, bedside tables).

You can ask the seller who serves you to set the delivery date you want. For purchases from the online store you can just note it in the comments and the rest is up to us!

Contact the store where you made your purchase or the Customer Service department to find out the delivery date of your order.

Contact the store where you made your purchase or the Customer Service department

There is the option of using ropes or an elevator. Contact the Customer Service department to find the ideal solution.

For your best service, all orders are routed immediately. In order to be informed about the possibility of preventing the possibility of correcting or canceling your order, you should contact the store where you completed your purchase or the Customer Service Department no later than 12:00 pm of the next working day.

Available payment methods for in-store purchases are:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card
  • Deposit in a bank account two days before delivery

The available payment methods for purchases from the e-shop are:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank account deposit
  • PayPal

For purchases from a physical store you can contact the store you are interested in.

You communicate your request to the Customer Service department and you will be informed about the next steps.

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