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Dear partners,


Allow me to extend my warmest wishes to those of you who own hospitality businesses in the regions affected by this year’s natural disasters. Our thoughts are with you and we hope that the damages will be restored as soon as possible, so that next year we’ll all be celebrating an exceptional year together.


At the Athenian Mattress Company we hold great respect for each and every one of you and for the tourism sector in general – which is among the most important pillars of the national economy. And it is an extreme honor and pleasure for us to support your efforts in ensuring that the visitors of our country enjoy services that often surpass their highest expectations. With these expectations in mind, all of us at Media Strom are constantly by your side with products of high technology and design, so that you can offer the best sleep experience to your customers.

Furthermore, we are very proud that, on the 55th anniversary of our presence in the market as the leading Greek company in the sleep products’ sector, we were honored with the distinction as “Protagonist of the Greek Economy” – an important recognition of our business “championship”. Among the assets of this championship are several new and technologically advanced products in hospitality, such as a pioneering online application which offers tailor-made design solutions for each hotel unit.


Thank you for trusting us and I wish you all a successful and fruitful new season.


Giorgos I. Niarchos
General Manager
Athenian Mattress Company


Tailor-made commercial policy
Both our commercial policy and options for paying for our sleep products are tailored to the needs of our customers. Not all customers have the same business dynamic, or the same needs and requirements. There is no single customer profile we cater to. Each one of our customers is unique. That’s why we design flexible packages to meet their needs. Speak to a sales representative.
Diagnostic check of sleep products & documentation of needs for the following year. At the end of the tourist season, we offer you a free diagnostic check-up of the sleep products at your premises. At the same time, you have the option of making a purchase at an advantageous price and having products delivered at a later time. Contact us to schedule your check-up.
Do Not Disturb Cards
Are you one of our loyal customers? Speak to a sales representative for a supply of free “Do not disturb” cards for your hotel. We provide these cards free of charge to specific groups of customers who meet the criteria. It’s one way of strengthening our partnership while helping you reduce your costs.
Room key card switches
You consistently choose to buy our products. We reward you by supplying key card switches for your hotel rooms. Find out more about this special service from the Hotel Division sales department. It’s one way of strengthening our partnership while helping you reduce your costs.
Promotion on Media Strom / Hotels
We offer our partners the option of promoting their hotel on the Media Strom Hotels website, under the Partner hotels section. Loyalty, trust and the quality of our relationship with our customers are the criteria for participating.
We maintain a network of 127 showrooms throughout Greece. You can visit one near you and try out Media Strom products and the quality sleep they provide. Visit a Media Strom showroom, located all over Greece. Find your nearest showroom here

Our people

As a leading manufacturer of sleep products with a strong presence throughout Greece, Media Strom has an experienced team of partners ready to serve the demanding hotel market.


The sales team comprises of people with expertise and specialised training in the sleep and hotel industry. Familiarity with the market, awareness of trends in hotels and hospitality and the preferences of Greek and international travellers are priorities in their training.


Our sales representatives are the most knowledgeable resource both for understanding the multiple and diverse needs and preferences of B2B customers and for recommending the ideal solutions.



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