Advance Prime

Advance Prime


Thanks to the new, advanced Progressive Technology, the mattresses of this range recognise the heaviest areas of each body and provide the appropriate support. They also have embedded Topper Inside mattress toppers, that ideally envelop each different body type, containing the most innovative Hyper Active Fill materials and the top Aegis Shield treatment that protects the fabric.

The fabric's clean lines, its simple yet dynamic design in violet shades, highlight its unsurpassed Italian finesse.

Discover the 4 outstanding choices, with 2 different support technologies, exclusively by Media Strom.

Sleep is a "barometer" for your mood and your health.
After a good night's sleep your body recovers its energy, with every cell revitalised, in order to face the demands of the coming day. That is why it is important to offer customised support to every part of the spine while we sleep. The Advance Prime collection owes its creation to this ideal point of balance between comfort and support.


Go-Up Springs, higher springs for excellent support and unequalled durability.
Side Support Plus, peripheral support zone for safety and functionality.
Total Health Protection, integrated health system for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
Pumping Effect, keeping the materials fresh and hygienic.
Progressive Function, for rested and relaxed muscles. Back
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  • Topper Inside

    2 in 1 mattress and topper together, for comfort and continuous invigoration.
    Enjoy the comfort that suits your body best, choosing from the different toppers embedded in the mattresses, giving them a different feeling. The advanced toppers, designed to enhance the smart support technology, embrace every contour of the body, providing constant revitalisation. As a result your tissues are rested and you memory regrouped, ensuring your mental clarity.

  • Aegis Shield

    An invincible shield of health and hygiene for the ultimate degree of protection.
    The antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial Aegis treatment of the fabric protects you as you sleep, with the continuous circulation of fresh air, since it can mechanically neutralise any form of microscopic uninvited "guest" on your bed.

  • Progressive Technology

    The smart support technology that "reads" each body type.
    For the first time in Greece, the smart customised progressive support technology, that helps the mattress recognise and instantly respond to each movement of the body. Thanks to this technology, the hardness of the mattresses increases as long as a weight is applied on them, without increasing the response to it! Thus, different body types or areas of the body with a different weight in men and women, enjoy the same high degree of support.

  • Hyper Active Fill

    The most innovative materials for comfort and inimitable enjoyment.
    The noblest natural and manufactured materials offer comfort and a unique sensation, far above their category. The materials included in the mattresses of this range, for example the Memory Breeze, Memory VE and Latex Ultra, will envelop every curve of your body in a comfortable snuggle, enhancing the point progressive support action. Their improved ventilation properties also ensure high standards of hygiene.

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