Micro-Fiber Pillows

Incomparable fluffy and smooth feeling

Pillows made of silicon micro-fibres are a very popular choice for those who love a soft and fluffy feeling.

There are four types of pillows in the ranges, with a varied height core, an ideal companion for the Benefit and Advance mattresses.

The Micro-Fiber Media Strom pillows:

The extremely fine elasticised fibre, in combination with the 100% cotton Percal fabric, offer an incomparable fluffy and soft sensation.
They easily adjust to each position change, offering a pleasant embrace for a deep and relaxing sleep.
They have hypo-allergenic filling, with the ability to dry fast and aerate ideally, for even better hygiene.

They are available in a variety of dimensions, to choose the one that best suits your body and your sleeping habits. Πίσω
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