Latex Pillows

Natural material with exquisite elasticity and high hygiene.

A Latex-core pillow achieves a perfect balance of comfort and support, for a deep and restful sleep.
Latex is the extract of the Hevea Braziliensis tree, a natural material with hypo-allergic properties, environmentally friendly and healthy for the user. They are ideally combined with the Advance Prime, Advance and Flexy mattresses, thanks to the cooperation of their materials and their specific height.

The Latex Media Strom pillows:

Thanks to their ergonomic design, they gently support the neck's curve, holding it in its natural position, and minimise any pressure that could impede the proper circulation of the blood and an uninterrupted sleep.
They gently conform to the body's movement during sleep and help the muscles relax, providing exceptional elasticity, for instant recoil after each position change.
They ensure absolute hygiene, since Latex prevents the growth of dust-mites, germs and allergens. Also, their honeycomb architecture ensures the excellent circulation of the air, thus regulating the temperature.

They are available in a variety of dimensions, so you can choose the one that best fits your body and sleeping habits. Πίσω
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