You turn the beneficial properties of sleep into an unprecedented experience of absolute rest, quality energy and constant well-being, winter and summer. Your sleep becomes the determining factor, which will evolve your daily life, experiencing at the same time the balance, the strength, the endurance, the joy and the beauty, in their holistic form!
You enjoy the state-of-the-art development
in the sleep system; you deserve it!


Enjoy the ultimate sense of well-being
Live better every moment

Live in Optimum!

Top materials and the most advanced technologies
guarantee a different sleeping experience

[Know How]

Our strong point is
our people and our mindset

We are always looking for the best & we design
sleep products to find the one that suits your needs!

[Technologies – Materials]
The secrets for perfect sleep

are hidden in high technology, innovative design,
know-how and unparalleled quality materials

Top support
Thanks to the unique multi-level spring system and zones that accurately support all the different parts of the body.
Unparalleled Hygiene
OEKOTEX certification for the absence of harmful substances.
Incomparable Comfort
Thanks to the Double Side (2 seasons / 2senses, winter-summer) to enjoy breeze in summer and warmth in winter.
Perfect Embrace
Thanks to the 2 in 1 products with topper inside.

[ Κορυφαία εμπειρία ύπνου ]



and relaxation without any pressing
in shoulders and hips



of the spine in the
natural “S” position



in all the persons curves,
while lying down



protecting the body



Long term maintaining
of the same quality

We ensure the perfect quality of sleep

so you can wake up full of energy

Feel the sense of
Optimum mattresses

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