Unique mattresses of high standards, without springs, with a heart of advanced foam materials, friendly to the user
and the environment.
Unique mattresses
of high qualifications


A unique feeling that is perceived from the first test.

The special point of view in good sleep!

The unique feel of the flexible mattresses is due to the innovative
Hyper Active Fill comfort foams, which are produced based on the Airstream Design
ventilation architecture to ensure hygiene and freshness.
The flexibility of the mattresses allows you to use them
in reclining beds or in shaped beds of your choice.

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Our strong point is
our people and our mindset

We are always looking for the best & we design sleep products
to find the one that suits your needs!

[Technologies – Materials]
The secrets for perfect sleep

are hidden in high technology, innovative design, know-how and unparalleled quality materials

Unique feeling
Thanks to the innovative foam materials
Ideal embrace
Thanks to the most innovative comfort materials
Incomparable hygiene
Thanks to the Aegis processing of the fabric

[ Top sleep experience ]



and relaxation without pressing
shoulders and hips



of the spine in the
natural position “S”



in all the curves of
the person lying down



absolutely protecting the body



in the long run maintaining
the same quality

We ensure the perfect quality of sleep

so you can wake up full of energy

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Up to 8 years

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