The Secrets for Good Sleep

How to choose your new mattress

For enjoying the ultimate sleep quality that you need, all you have to do is to choose your new mattress, taking into consideration the following:

  • 1

    Your new mattress should provide comfort:

    A mattress should imprint and follow the natural curves of the body without burdening your shoulders and your hip joints.

  • 2

    Your new mattress should provide support:

    The right mattress should properly follow and support the natural curve of the spinal cord which forms an “S”.

  • 3

    Your new mattress should provide you with snuggling:

    Regardless of one’s personal taste, the right mattress should offer a restful and relaxing feel by snuggling all natural body curves.

  • 4

    Your new mattress should provide hygiene and safety:

    The right mattress should consist of carefully selected and certified raw materials in order to meet high hygiene standards and bear no hazards for your health.

  • 5

    Your new mattress should provide durability:

    A mattress maintaining its original characteristics and behavior for a long period of time proves its high quality of manufacturing.

  • 6

    Choose your mattress after serious testing:

    Choosing the right mattress is an absolutely personal business. Therefore, before buying a mattress, you must thoroughly try it out and make sure it satisfies your personal needs and expectations for a relaxed and restful sleep.
    If you are a couple, you should both try out various types of mattresses in order to come to a mutual decision. If you can not agree with your partner on the firmness of the mattress consider buying the adjustable slut frame Mediflex Plus.

  • 7

    Take the Sleep Test:

    Visit a Media Strom selling point and take your time trying out all types of mattresses. Lie on them and assume every possible sleeping position. Trust our experienced sales consultant to help you choose the ideal sleep system for your needs and enjoy not only a quality sleep but also a unique relaxing experience.

  • 8

    Make sure that you take correct measurements for your new mattress:

    All Media Strom mattresses are custom made, therefore it is essential that you provide us with the correct measurements of the surface that you will place your mattress, in order to avoid gaps between the mattress and the bed frame.

  • 9

    Your new mattress deserves a proper supporting system:

    A foundation / bed frame designed to work together with your mattress will help you achieving the best performance for your mattress. Media Strom foundations maximize the anatomic and orthopedic features of the mattress while protecting it from damages, squeaking, sagging etc.

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