The Secrets for Good Sleep

How to choose the right mattress for your baby

  • 1

    The mattress must be new.

    Never use the mattress of your older child or a mattress you borrowed from a friend or a relative. A used mattress can harm your baby’s health. According to research, a used mattress in several cases is held responsible for the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • 2

    Put your trust in a trustworthy company.

    A company that specializes in mattress manufacturing knows better how to meet the specific needs of each age. Choosing such a company will provide you with the certainty of providing to your baby the best possible mattress in respect of hygiene, orthopedic support and comfort.

  • 3

    The baby mattress should provide comfort to your baby:

    The right mattress should imprint and follow the natural curves of your baby’s body without exercising any kind of opposite pressure.

  • 4

    The baby mattress should support your baby:

    The right mattress support follows the natural position of the spinal cord, offering your baby a restful sleep.

  • 5

    The baby mattress should cuddle your baby:

    The right mattress should offer a restful and relaxing feel by snuggling the natural body curves of your baby.

  • 6

    The baby mattress should be made of carefully chosen and certified materials

    All mattress raw materials should be ecologic and friendly to your baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid materials that do not “breathe”. Pay great attention to the ticking of the mattress. It must be anti-allergenic and anti-acaria® so that your baby rests protected from allergies and respiratory problems.

  • 7

    Make sure that you take correct measurements for the mattress.

    In case there is a gap between the crib and the mattress that exceeds 4 cm in width, your baby is at risk of injury. Make sure that the mattress fits perfectly the crib, even if this makes changing of sheets harder. Your baby’s safety comes first!

  • 8

    A right baby mattress should be followed by healthy sleeping conditions.

    Never overheat your baby’s room. High temperatures might cause discomfort to the infant. Put your baby to sleep on its back or on its side and never cover it with extremely fluffy materials since the risk of entrapment is extremely common. Avoid using a pillow!

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