The Secrets for Good Sleep

How to care for your mattress;

Follow our advice for maximum enjoyment

  • 1

    Protect your new possession.

    Your new mattress is the only piece of furniture in your home that can not be washed and will be used for at least 8 hours every day. Protect it from sweat stains and all kind of body secretions with a protective cover that can be washed as often as you wish without loosing its protective qualities.

  • 2

    Keep your mattress’ original qualities.

    Avoid standing on your mattress or letting your children bouncing on it and do not place heavy objects on it.
    It is forbidden to fold, iron, wash or wet your mattress. Avoid cleaning your mattress with steam devices to prevent humidity and mold formation in its core!

  • 3

    Keep plain planks, board slats and wire bedsprings away!

    You do not want to risk ruining your mattress too soon. In order to fully enjoy your mattress’ qualities for a long time it is recommended to place it either on an orthopedic frame or a foundation.

  • 4

    Allow your mattress to breath!

    Your mattress comes in a plastic wrap therefore you are strongly advised, after removing the wrap, to let the mattress ventilate for a few hours before covering it with the protective cover and the sheets.

  • 5

    Choose the matching accessories.

    It is important to use a pillow matching your mattress. If the sensitive neck area is properly supported then the spinal cord keeps its horizontal position and you get to enjoy top quality sleep. You should not neglect replacing your pillows every two years at the most, in order to ensure their hygiene and keep away various microorganisms and allergenic factors that put your health at risk.

  • 6

    Pay attention while moving your mattress.

    Always move your mattress in a vertical position. In order to protect it and to keep it clean, make sure that you have it covered while moving it. In case you have to pass through a narrow door, bear in mind that your mattress can not be bended more than slightly.

  • 7

    Do not remove the labels from the mattress.

    A label contains useful information about your mattress and its manufacturer and adds value to your mattress’ guaranty.

  • 8

    Give your body time to adjust.

    Your body needs some time to adjust to your new mattress. It’s as if you were trying a new pair of shoes.

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