The Secrets for Good Sleep

8+1 smart tips for better sleeping

8+1 smart tips for better sleeping

  • 1

    Quality Mattress

    A clean, spacious bed equipped with a mattress of high quality is essential for a good night sleep. It is really difficult to relax on a small, extremely firm or soft worn-out mattress.

  • 2

    Bed time routine

    Follow a bed time routine even on weekends. Irregular sleeping hours affect the biological clock and the body turns unable to perceive which its resting hours are.

  • 3

    Avoid pushing yourselves to sleep

    Go to sleep when feeling sleepy. Avoid pushing yourselves to sleep and using sleeping pills for that purpose.

  • 4

    Sleep Routine

    It is recommended to set a routine that sends your brain a message that bed time is around the corner. A nice warm bath, a glass of milk, a book or hearing some music will be of great help.

  • 5

    What to avoid

    Avoid consuming rich meals and beverages with stimulatory effects such as caffeine and alcohol late in the afternoon and at night.

  • 6

    Bedroom care

    Keep your bedroom dark, cool, quiet and sufficiently ventilated. Avoid heavy decorations and excessive electrical devices.

  • 7

    Physical exercise

    Take physical exercise daily but never late at night.

  • 8

    Avoid intense situations

    Avoid arguing, intense discussions, action movies and any activity in general that might give you intense or negative emotions.

  • 9

    No smoking!

    Do not smoke late at night and mostly avoid smoking in bed. This could be extremely hazardous for your safety.

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