Sleep & Wellbeing

The benefits of choosing the mattress that fits best your needs

To acquire the quality sleep your body needs, you must carefully choose a mattress that will offer you relaxed and restful sleep. Such a mattress should meet 5 basic requirements:

  • 1

    Comfort = Anatomic Design:

    A mattress that imprints and follows the natural curves of the body without burdening your shoulders and your hip joints will provide you with the comfortable and relaxed sleep you need to recuperate your energy levels.

  • 2

    Support = Orthopedic Design:

    While standing, our spinal cord forms an “S” which is its natural position. The correct mattress support follows the natural position of the spinal cord allowing the muscles to fully relax and offering you a restful sleep.

  • 3

    Embrace = Sensation:

    Regardless of one’s personal taste, a mattress should offer a restful and relaxing feel by embracing all natural body curves aiming at the full relaxation, reinvigoration and well-being of the body.

  • 4

    Hygiene = Safety:

    The mattress should meet high hygiene standards and bear no hazards for your health.

  • 5

    Longevity = Durability:

    A mattress maintaining its original characteristics and behavior for a long period of time proves its high quality of manufacturing.

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