Semi-firm mattress - The best type of mattress.



According to international researches, 95% of orthopedic surgeons believe that the proper support of the lower back and the pain relief have a lot to do with the mattress one uses.
In November 2003, a team of Spanish scientists published in “Lancet*” magazine a medical research refuting the theory that firm mattresses are best for lower back conditions. The aforementioned research proved that people with lower back issues sleeping on firm mattresses suffer from annoying back pain both while lying down as well as during the day.
On the other hand, people sleeping on semi-firm or semi-soft mattresses enjoyed a free of back pain sleep and felt significantly better during the following day. Due to their ability to follow the natural curves of the spinal cord, semi-firm or semi-soft mattresses are considered ideal for people with lower back conditions.*

*SOURCE: The LANCET, MEDICAL JOURNAL, Volume 362, Number 9396, November 15th, 2003, «Effect of firmness of mattress on chronic non-specific low-back pain».
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