Support Bases

Orthopedic support service at it's best!

The mattress durability and its performance in general are influenced by the surface it is placed on.

A mattress placed on a Media Strom foundation will certainly last longer and will offer a complete sleep system.

For information contact wholesale department: (0030) 210-3482927 & (0030) 210-3482928

The Media Strom bed –support foundations are specially designed

  • to protect the mattress and to help it perform at its best
  • they stand out for their great resilience, their functionality and their exceptional finish
  • they can be produced in a great variety of dimensions to meet your specific demands or space problems

The last touch is always yours; based on your personal taste and aesthetics, we will add the textile finish of your choice.

Media Strom produces 6 different types of bed-Foundations: Πίσω
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