Benefits for Hotel Business from their co-operation with Media Strom

  • 1


    Know-how, experience, and innovation in sleeping products for the past 50 years .

  • 2

    Top Engineering Equipment

    Features one of the best factories in Europe.

  • 3

    Production safety

    A guarantee for production safety , quality and durability of products through processes , certifications and specialized personnel .

  • 4


    We enjoy recognition and trust of 2,000 professionals from the hotel industry .

  • 5

    Better Proposals

    Our commercial policy has the best suggestions for Sleep products at the best prices of the market.

  • 6

    All Sleeping Products

    We deliver all the sleeping products of the consumer market even for professional hotel industry.

  • 7

    Professional Suggestions

    Features professional recommendations for luxurious sleep, in hotel class units 5 * & 4 * .

  • 8


    We offer flexibility in product creation and sleeping services, for equipping and upgrading hotels 3 * and 2 *

  • 9

    Specialized service packs

    We provide specialized services and packages for hoteliers, their customers and their staff , by agreement.

  • 10

    After sales services

    We offer high quality after sales services, throughout the "life" and usage of sleeping products.

Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 17.00pm