With the goal of wellness...we had to think and design outside the box

Good quality sleep is necessary so we can recharge our batteries and be ready to face each day's challenges full of energy and with a positive outlook. A restful sleep is translated into health and overall wellbeing, giving us a feeling of optimism, making each morning better than the last. And to be able to offer all that to you, we combined the best and most innovative materials with the most advanced technologies to create Optimum, the top range of mattresses on the market, for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Optimum philosophy

Based on the unique MLS box-spring system with multiple levels and zones, they provide the greatest degree of support as you sleep. At the same time, the mattresses have Topper Inside embedded toppers, offering an ideal cuddle for all different body types. Also, the Double Side feature offers two different sensations: cosy and warm for the winter, comfortable and cool for the summer. The Aegis Shield treatment of the fabric prevents the appearance of micro-organisms, ensuring the highest degree of health and safety. The elegant lines of the quilted designs, the impeccable appearance of our pure-white mattresses and their excellent design, will simply impose their own terms on your space.
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