Flexy Mattresses

Flexy Mattresses


Unique mattresses of high standards without springs, with a heart of advanced foam materials, friendly to the user and the environment.

Providing a unique sensation that is perceived already with the first test.

Flexy philosophy

The incomparable feeling of our flexible mattresses is created by our Hyper Active Fill, the innovative comfort foam materials which are manufactured based on the Airstream Design ventilation architecture to ensure hygiene and freshness. The Flexibility of the mattresses allows their use on adjustable beds, or in any shape of bed you choose from.
Discover the 4 special proposals of the collection, with their minimal style and white fabrics that have been treated with the top hygiene Aegis Shield treatment.

Total Health Protection, integrated health system for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
Aero Zones, ventilation ducts for regulating temperature and hygiene.
Removable Cover, for additional airing out and hygiene
Airflex Cover, special cover for protecting the core. Back
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  • Aegis Shield

    An invincible shield of health and hygiene for the ultimate degree of protection.
    The antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial Aegis treatment of the fabric protects you as you sleep, with the continuous circulation of fresh air, since it can mechanically neutralise any form of microscopic uninvited "guest" on your bed.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility that adjusts to your preferences.
    Their functionality is another of the features you will enjoy in the mattresses of this range. The flexible materials of Flexy are ideal for adjustable beds, while they allow the manufacture of mattresses in various shapes, meeting even the most demanding preferences for round beds, ship beds, hospital beds, etc.

  • Airstream Design

    Incomparable hygiene and freshness thanks to the ventilation technology.
    The smart design with multiple ventilation ducts inside the mattress ensure that it is constantly being aired out, simply through your movement. The warm internal air is mechanically expelled from the mattress, replaced by fresh dry air. The mattress therefore holds no humidity, which is responsible for the development of dust-mites, so you can enjoy a comfortable, safe and healthy sleep.

  • Hyper Active Fill

    The most innovative materials for comfort and inimitable enjoyment.
    The feeling is truly unique, and the difference with all other mattresses is revealed with the first test! They adjust to the exact contour of the body, an experience described as "weightlessness", that gives you energy and a sense of wellness. Allow yourself to enjoy the cuddling sensation of the most innovative Memory Naturallis and Natural Latex comfort materials, that can perfectly fit the body's curves.

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