Benefit Mattresses

Benefit Mattresses


The timeless technology of the interlinked Classic Bonnel spring and the peripheral Side Support protection zone ensure proper support on the entire surface of the mattress. The advanced 3D Elicoidal Fill offers comfort for a pleasant sleep. The knitted, elastic fabrics are treated with the Healthguard Protection for even better hygiene.
The blue motif combines the elegant modern style with a timeless finesse, so you can enjoy top aesthetics in your home.

Good sleep has an impact on our daily life, contributing to the overall upgrade of the quality of our life. The Benefit range of mattresses is here, to meet everyone's need for a truly good quality of sleep, with 3 classic choices for those who prefer a firm mattress with a hard feeling, great durability and time-lasting properties.
The timeless technology of the Bonnel interlinked springs is combined with the appropriate flexible materials, promising a quality and comfortable sleep, always with the Media Strom seal of guarantee.

Total Health Protection, integrated health system for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
Pumping Effect, keeping the materials fresh and hygienic.
Progressive Function, for rested and relaxed muscles.
Aero Zones, ventilation ducts for regulating temperature and hygiene.
Aero Spots, ventilation holes for free circulation of the air and hygiene of the mattress. Back
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  • Healthguard Protection

    Knitted fabrics with anti-bacterial protection.
    The knitted breathable fabrics of the collection stand out for their increased elasticity and greater comfort. Their weave allows the better regulation of humidity and heat, and their elasticity maximises the comfort of the mattress. They are ecological and anti-microbial thanks to the special substances used to treat the fabric fibres. This makes the fabric inhospitable to micro-organisms.

  • 3D Elicoidal Fill

    Comfort thanks to the most advanced fill.
    The advanced thermoregulating fill enhances the feeling of comfort of the mattress. It gives it a feeling of softness and excellent recoil thanks to the advanced helicoidal architecture. It performs to the maximum throughout the product's life, ensuring its ventilation, keeping it fresh at all times, and its overall hygiene, thanks to the natural ventilation ducts created inside.

  • Side Support

    Peripheral protection zone for safety and functionality.
    Safely enjoy the entire surface of the mattress, even its edges, thanks to the peripheral protection zone. A special foam material has been embedded that prevents any accidental fall during your sleep and protects you from rolling over, at the same time keeping the mattress firm and compact, increasing its durability and preserving its original properties through time.

  • Classic Bonnel Springs

    Proper support of the spine and durability.
    The correct support of the spine is achieved, thanks to the sturdy frame of the interlinked double-cone Classic Bonnel springs. Its durability is achieved through the use of modern technologies, integrated production methods, and carefully selected materials. The special Stability Frame used peripherally, keeps the coil center firm, ensuring its durability and the correct
    performance of the mattress.

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