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Feel [4]

An embrace you feel...

An embrace you feel even when you wake up, every day!

Lie back and enjoy the exceptional support, thanks to the unique combination of a spring core for enhanced and customised support, and progressive comfort materials, that gently embrace you every night. Wake up refreshed, with a smile, ready to take on the day. Feel [4] combines the sense of familiarity with the most advanced materials in their category, to satisfy even the most demanding users who want a high degree of support, comfort and hygiene for their sleep.


Feel [4] | Code: 00004614 : : 170 : : 100
Hard Soft
Retail Price
595.00 € 357.00 €

What are the perfect dimensions for my new mattress?

To find the correct dimensions , follow these simple steps

  • Use metal or wooden measure, rather than tape .
  • Measure the inside of your bed, not your old mattress.
  • The width from the inside of a side - sleeper as the opposite.
  • Its length , from the header-board's inside, to the inside of the low part of the bed
  • The depth, from the top of the crossbar, to the surface that the the mattress will apply  [frame or board] 

* All Media Strom's mattresses are built to order, exactly at your selected dimensions. So it is essential to order the mattress in the correct dimensions , because if a mistake is made , the mattress is non-refundable .
***Try the mattress of your choice, at the closest Media Strom store!

*All of our mattresses are produced per 2 cm in width and length, depending on your needs (only on an even number of measurements)
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  • Characteristics
    Select Feel [4] for...

    Customised support of the body thanks to the Go-Up MicroPocket 7z springs
    Its "core" of independent Go-Up 7zones MicroPocket springs, with extra coils, ensures an even better fit to the body, as well as increased hygiene, so you can enjoy excellent support that is reinforced at the heaviest parts of the body. Also, the 7-zone architecture which offers the proper support for the spine, allows you to sleep without noticing whether your partner moves on your side.

    Also enjoy...
    - Customised support of the body thanks to the Go-Up MicroPocket 7z springs
    - 3D Elicoidal Fill with cotton for amazing comfort
    - Comfy Foam for great embrace
    - Aero Spots - breathing function for unparalleled hygiene

    • Go-Up MicroPocket 7z springs, for excellent support and insurmountable durability.
    • Side Support Plus, for safety and functionality.
    • Total Health Protection, for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
    • Pumping Effect, keeping the materials fresh and hygienic.
    • Sanitized Hygiene Function, for a healthy sleep.

    i: Mattresses dimensions may have an acceptable deviation of +/- 1 cm due to the nature of their materials
    i: The Company reserves the right to make changes to upgrade its products without prior notice.

    Mattress Height (In the center): 25 cm
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