Advance New Mattresses

Advance New Mattresses


The independent support of the body provided by to the Pocket Springs, in combination with the peripheral 3D AirControl zone, the Side Support Plus zone and the anti-microbial Sanitized Hygiene Function treatment, all promise healthy and safe sleep. Its rich upholstery is dressed with knitted elastic elegant fabrics. Their "quiet" but strong personality, is enhanced by their lilac details, symbolising freshness.

Discover the 4 choices, each with a different support frame.

At the end of a demanding day we can't wait to lie back and completely relax. For a mattress that will envelop your body and help you rest, you need to look no further than Advance: a modern and complete range, for people who invest in the energy and strength that starts with a deep sleep, and prefer comfortable mattresses with the ideal degree of support, high specifications of hygiene and durability through time.
They are designed to satisfy smart and demanding buyers who settle for nothing less than good quality sleep. Back
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  • Sanitized Hygiene Function

    Treatment for a healthy and micro-organism free mattress
    The anti-microbial and anti-fungal sanitized treatment of the fabric, protects from germs and mites, ensuring the good quality and hygiene of your sleep, free from allergens.

  • Side Support Plus

    Peripheral protection zone for safety and functionality.
    Safely enjoy the entire surface of the mattress, even its edges, thanks to the peripheral protection zone. A special foam material has been embedded that prevents any accidental fall during your sleep and protects you from rolling over, at the same time keeping the mattress firm and compact, increasing its durability and preserving its original properties through time.

  • 3D AirControl zone

    Ventilation zone for peripheral ventilation and hygiene.
    The innovative 3D AirFlow peripheral ventilation ensures that the mattress "breathes" simply with the movement of the body, constantly refreshing the materials and extending its life. The ultimate degree of hygiene is achieved, because the clean, dry exterior air enters the mattress, replaces the warm humid air inside, thus airing it out and keeping it fresh at all times.

  • Pocket Springs

    Unparalleled support, with the most advanced pocket springs.
    The pocket springs of this range provide excellent support to the spine, with each spring working as an autonomous suspension, supporting each part of your body separately. This way you can enjoy your uninterrupted sleep every night, without noticing your partner's movements, thanks to the technology that stops the transfer of movement.

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