Support Bases

They maximize the mattress performance

Support Base: The unique combination for a delightful sleep, along with the proper mattress.

A base specially designed to work with your mattress as an entity will help you to achieve the best performance of your mattress. Media Strom Support bases offer the ideal supporting surface for your mattress, maximize its orthopedic and anatomical characteristics and enhance its durability and resilience. Matching a base with the correct mattress and orthopedic pillow, you indulge yourself with a complete sleep system that will drive you through an unbelievably restful and invigorating experience.

See the extra benefits that you enjoy, when using a base:

  • It works as a second mattress:
  • It enhances the orthopedic design of a mattress, while offering better support.
  • It is a durable and robust structure free of squeaky sounds.
  • It is produced at the dimensions of your mattress therefore you can make better use of your space.
  • It serves as a second bed, for a night guest.
It can be turned into an upholstered bed which:

  • It can be totally renewed, by just changing fabric and/or headboard.
  • It does not get worn down or scratched, as all wood beds do.
  • It can be matched with all styles of bedroom furniture.
  • It can provide a large storage space, easily accessible.

Media Strom Support Bases Collection consists of 6 different types and it is certain that one of them will definitely meet your expectations, in terms of comfort, functionality and price. Πίσω
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