Health Protectives

You sleep tight… because you are totally covered!

Ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of the mattress.

Mattresses cannot be washed and it is difficult to air them out in the sun. Various body fluids such as sweat and blood create stains on the surface and humidity in the core turning your mattress into the ideal living environment for acaria and other micro-organisms, responsible for bad odours, allergies and
asthma To prolong the hygiene and cleanness of a mattress you are strongly advised to use a special protective cover.

The Media Strom protective cover ensures the hygiene and cleanness of the mattress, thanks to its unique properties

Special treatment that aims to protect the mattress by keeping humidity away allowing you to enjoy a clean sleeping environment.
Its composition allows its washing without altering its original properties, thus prolonging the hygiene and safety of a mattress.
It is designed to cover only the top surface of a mattress and not peripherally, thus the core of the mattress continues to breathe.

Choose the protective cover that better fits your needs from the large collection of Media Strom.

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