Cozy Duvets

A warm hug goodnight

The right choice makes all the difference!

Envelopes every moment of relaxation.
A good quality duvet can make the difference, both in your sleep and your mood the next day. This is why it is important to always choose correctly, based on its physical specifications (weight, thermoinsulating properties), and the raw materials it is made of. At Media Strom, quality is primary, and therefore every duvet offers:

Comfort and hygiene.
Our duvets are specially designed for the mild Greek winters, keeping us warm while we sleep, but not too warm causing us to perspire. They are made of cotton fabrics and quality hypo-allergenic fillers, and offer certified hygiene.

Sense of relaxation.
Our duvets are designed to be fluffy, in order to offer the much desired "cocooning" sensation, but also light for an uninterrupted sleep.

Insulating properties.
It is the air inside the duvet that keeps the cold at bay. The Media Strom duvets are as light as they need to be to ensure excellent circulation of the air inside them, for total insulation.

Choose your ideal duvet according to your needs and sleep on the clouds!

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