Memory Foam Pillows

Pillows with Memory Foam and Aloe Vera extract.

Thanks to their innovative material that acts in response to the body's temperature and weight, and fully adjusts to the neck's natural curve, the Memory Foam pillows offer an incomparable sleep experience, because they hug the body in a way that uniformly distributes the weight and creates a weightless feeling.

They can be ideally combined with the Advance Prime, Advance and Flexy mattresses, thanks to the combination of their materials and their special height.

The Memory Foam Media Strom pillows:

Respond to the body's temperature and weight, ideally embracing the neck's curve for unequalled comfort.
Ideally support all sleep positions, minimising pressure points, thanks to the special density of their material.
Are friendly to the user and the environment, since they are produced through a special water and essential oil treatment, and not chemical catalysts.
Ensure ideal conditions of hygiene, thanks to their honeycombed ergonomic design. Πίσω
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