Active frames

Designed to provide the proper support to your new mattress

Active frame: The perfect support for the mattress

In order to enjoy the orthopedic and anatomic qualities of a mattress to its maximum, it has to be placed on a surface that will work harmoniously with it.
The correct supporting surface for your mattress will prolong its lifespan and will help you make the most of its original qualities for a longer period of time.
If you own a wood or a metal bed, we strongly recommend the active frames, made of wooden slats, wisely spaced between them, so as to offer a resilient and orthopedic support.

Plain wood planks should be avoided, while flexible wire bedsprings are strictly forbidden, if you do not wish to destroy your mattress.

Media Strom orthopedic active frames stand out!
  • They are made of specially treated beech or birch slats and a robust metal frame. They don’t squeak, break, shift or deform and they don’t damage the mattress.
  • They consist of orthopedic arched slats which are secured on the frame rim and the central crossbeam with plastic cases, which provide the mattress with a totally flat supporting surface and thus protect it from potential damages from the metal parts (picture 1a & 1b).
  • The distance between the orthopedic slats must be smaller than the diameter of the mattress springs, ensuring thus the correct support of the mattress (picture 2a & 2b).
  • They have a reinforced metal frame that provides even greater durability and extended lifespan.
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