Baby Μattresses

Care and safety for your little treasures!


Design with care and safety, to give them life and smiles every day!

Sleep is key for the mental and physical development of babies and toddlers. Therefore it is very important to use mattresses that uphold all health and quality standards and promote good sleep in order to grow properly. After many years of studies and keeping abreast of scientific research, with the utmost care and sensitivity, aiming at the best care and safety of babies, we created our Baby range, using state-of-the-art technologies and the most suitable materials.

Baby philosophy

Give your baby a restful sleep, choosing one of the Baby range mattresses. Its specially designed Baby Springs provide support, in combination with the natural Anti-Acaria Shield, and the carefully selected comfort materials, ensure that your baby will sleep with safety and comfort. The leading Anti-Acaria Shield protection of the fabric contributes significantly to its overall hygiene.

Baby Springs

Exceptional support for your baby's spine.
The specially designed springs are made to support your baby's body and keep its spine in its natural position in order for its little body to grow properly. They also allow the air to circulate inside the mattress, removing the heat and preventing the baby from getting overheated, and constantly airing the materials, keeping them fresh and hygienic.

Cocoflex Anti Dust-Mite

Incomparable hygiene thanks to its high air content.
The flexible coconut palm is a natural product of high endurance, with insulating properties that eliminates humidity while allowing the mattress to ventilate properly. It is allergen-free and prevents the growth of fungus. It further gives the mattress firm and compact hold. It has a high air content, keeping the baby's body temperature stable, so it can enjoy a comfortable and dry sleep.

Anti-Acaria Shield

The leading health shield for health and protection.
The ecological fabrics with cheerful designs that are used, have excellent recoil and a lovely sensation to the touch. All fabrics of the Baby range have undergone Anti-Acaria treatment, that protects your baby from allergies and infections, stopping the growth of mites and other micro-organisms inside the mattress.

Total Health Protection, integrated health system for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
Side Support Plus, peripheral support zone for safety and functionality.
Pumping Effect, keeping the materials fresh and hygienic.

Tuv Cert
Media Strom is a TUV Austria certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001 international quality standard.

Special anti-acaria treatment prevents acaria and other microorganisms to grow in the mattress thus providing maximum protection to your baby from dermatological and respiratory allergies. 

Member manufacturer
Media Strom is a member of the International Sleep Products Association.
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