• How do I know it’s time to replace my mattress?

    According to all experts and relevant studies, a mattress’ life expectancy does not exceed 5-7 years of daily use. Nevertheless, the mattress behavior can be affected by other factors as well such as body weight alterations, poor manufacturing quality, current condition etc.

    Regardless of the mattress’ age, you should seriously consider its immediate replacement if:
    • You are experiencing numb limbs when waking up in the morning
    • You do not wake up fresh
    • You do not get the same quality sleep you originally enjoyed
    • You get funny odors from your mattress
    • Your mattress is worn out.
    • …in general you do not enjoy your sleep!

    Do you remember the last time you enjoyed a restful quality sleep? Was it a long time ago and not even in your own bed? Could it be in a hotel or the guestroom of a friend? Or even in your favorite couch?
  • How should I take measurements for my new mattress?

    All Media Strom mattresses are custom made therefore it is essential that you provide us with the correct measurements as you can not return the mattress in case of an error.
    If you order a mattress along with a bed, the sales associate will be more than happy to guide you through the right measurements. If you already dispose of a bed frame, please read carefully the following:

    • For taking measurements of your bed frame use either a metal tape measure or a carpenter’s folding rule
    • Measure the free space inside the bed frame, not your old mattress
    • Width: measure the distance between the inner sides of the two crossbeams of the bed frame.
    • Length: measure the distance between the inner sides of the headboard and the footboard
    • Depth: measure the distance between the upper edge of the crossbeam and the surface that the mattress will be placed on (slat frame or boards)

    Once you have taken the above mentioned measurements, please visit a retailer and he will recommend the appropriate dimension for your new mattress!
  • How can I be sure I’m buying a MEDIA STROM original?

    The incomparable detailed work, the unrivalled comfort and the high quality finish of the ticking will be more than enough proof that the mattress you are testing is a Media Strom original.

    However, there are additional trademarks that certify its originality:

    • All our mattresses bare the company label, with useful information for the product, glued and stitched on them to avoid even accidental removal as well as the mattresses serial number.
  • Where should I place my new mattress?

    A foundation / bed frame designed to work together with your mattress will help you achieving the best performance from your mattress. The proper supporting surface will maximize the suuport and comfort features of the mattress and will enhance its durability and longevity. An underlay will definitely prolong your mattress’ life expectancy and enhance its performance.

    In case your bed frame is made of wood or metal, you must see that your mattress is placed on an dynamic frame. Common boards and old type flexible bedsprings should and must be avoided if you do not want to damage your mattress. Dynamic slat frames are made of beech or birch planks tied up in a robust metallic frame.

    They do not squeak, break, warp or mildew. For getting the 100% of your mattress and to prevent damaging it, you are strongly advised to use an dynamic slat frame.
  • Where should I place a pocket spring mattress for achieving its best behavior?

    Pocket spring mattresses achieve their best performance when placed on an underlay.

    Nevertheless, if your bed frame is made of wood or metal, it is perquisite that you replace its boards, slats or metal bars with a special density orthopedic slat frame of 20 slats with 4 cm inter-slat space at the most.
  • What is the adjustable slat frame?

    Various studies have come to the conclusion that 90% of couples disagree on the firmness of their mattress. The answer to the problem came with the orthopedic adjustable slut frame that through a simple and user friendly mechanism offers each partner the desirable mattress firmness.

    The mattress adjusts
    to each partner personal preferences allowing the couple to enjoy equally the same mattress.

    Mediflex Plus, the ideal sleep system for COUPLES!
  • How often should I replace my pillow?

    Regardless of the pillow filling you prefer that may vary from latex and feathers to synthetic materials (foam, silicone or viscose elastic), your primary concern should be its hygiene.

    Head is the part of the body with the heaviest sweating; therefore the pillow must either be regularly cleaned or encased in a protective cover that will prevent humidity to enter its core.

    Nevertheless, you should not neglect replacing it quite often since, according to researches, after a one year use the 20% of a pillow’s weight comes from acaria and their feces!
  • I have invested in a high quality mattress yet I do not enjoy my sleep.

    A high quality mattress can definitely offer orthopedic and anatomic support but it has no affect whatsoever, on the two major causes of poor sleeping:

    muscleskeletical pains (lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, osteoporosis, old injuries, spondyloarthritis, etc.) and

    In this case, the solution lies with Biomedia, the only overlay in Greece enhanced with medical biomagnets that can be placed over any mattress.

    While sleeping, the unique layout of biomagnets in concentric cycles allows their perfect alignment with the blood vessels resulting in

    Increase of blood circulation
    Acceleration of recovery and injury healing
    • Muscleskeletical pain relief
    Osteoporosis pain relief
    Improvement of physical condition and reinforcement of the immune system
    Muscular relaxation and stress relief

    This way you can enjoy a good, restful and invigorating sleep and a healthy energetic everyday life.
  • Why choose an ensemble base for my pre-school age child?

    When designing a fabric covered bed, our primal concern lies with your child’s safety.

    However, we pay great attention to your need for tasteful and cost effective solutions.

    For your child’s first bed you will be astonished by the variety in color and design we dispose as well as by our ergonomic and safety solutions:

    • Children are protected against injuries
    • There is storage room for their beloved toys
    • You dispose of a second bed for sleepovers
    Removable canopies or faux leather facings provide you with easy clean up.
    • A child’s room can be easily and with low cost turn into a teenager’s paradise!
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