Working with Media Strom - Advantages

The advantages gained by the collaborator from the moment he joins the Media Strom network are indisputable, given the fact that the Company stays by his side along the way, supporting him and guiding him through towards success.

Media Strom Franchisee enjoys tangible advantages:

  • He’s investing in a reliable company, which has accomplished 96% awareness (double in comparison with its counterparts)
  • The mattress’ market is quite large and continues to grow as the Greek consumer seeks a better quality of life
  • The Franchisee has a guaranteed demand for products, since MEDIA STROM has acquired the largest portion of the market and is the No1 Company in gross billing.
  • Media Strom holds the leading position in surveys for the development of innovatory and avant-garde products of high demand.
  • The Franchisee enjoys the feeling of safety that provides the 45 years old history of the brand “Media Strom”
  • The funds that one must have in order to start a Media Strom shop is much smaller than the ones needed for any other venture, with de minimis risk
  • The Franchisee becomes the sole authorized distributor of Media Strom in his geographical area
  • Media Strom does not charge with Royalty fees its franchisees.
Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 17.00pm