Product Series

MEDIA STROM is a true believer and supporter of a Good Sleep; therefore all of its products come as a result of scientific research and long-term planning. In addition, the Company never stops to look for cutting-edge raw material and production methods.

The goal is to achieve an integrated sleep system. To this end, Media Strom is specialized in the production and marketing of products that promote the quality of sleep and thus the quality of life of the consumer, providing the following:
  • Orthopedic and anatomical mattresses
  • Baby mattresses
  • Fabric covered beds and Juvenile Beds
  • Bedroom furniture and accessories
  • Bed covering fabrics
  • Pillows and Mattress Protective Covers
  • Sofa-beds
  • Anatomical Underlays
Their quality is guaranteed by the Quality Assurance System according to EN ISO 9001:2008. Media Strom is the only company that supplies a written guarantee for all its mattresses, providing proof of compliance with the quality and hygiene standards, and showing its unique production know-how.
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