Media Strom benefits

As soon as a collaborator joins the Media Strom network, he gains tangible benefits, given the fact that the Company supports him and provides him with the necessary tools in order to guide him towards professional success.

  • MEDIA STROM helps the franchisee to pick the right spot for the shop and provides him with analytical plans and consulting for the construction
  • MEDIA STROM helps him to find and train his personnel, providing him with additional training and vocational support
  • MEDIA STROM helps the franchisee to avoid operational problems, while embracing new systems and methods, since Media Strom’s know-how and long-term experience guarantee him the successful operation of each new selling spot
  • MEDIA STROM provides the franchisee with marketing, advertising, promotional and PR support in both national and international level
  • MEDIA STROM has a prompt delivery period and thus the franchisee is not obliged to bind funds in stock maintenance.
Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 17.00pm