Thanks to the scientific design and the excellent support, now your baby enjoys the most relaxing and refreshing sleep, for sweet and unobstructed dreams!
The mattress of his dreams!


Sleep is a key element in the mental
and physical development of infants and toddlers.

For this reason, it is very important to use mattresses that meet all standards of hygiene and quality and that promote good sleep in order to grow properly. After many years of study and monitoring of scientific researches, with the utmost care and sensitivity and guided by the absolute care and safety of babies, we created the Baby series, applying the most modern technologies and the most suitable materials.

Your own mattress, in the dimension you want

Each mattress is made to order, so that it is always tailored to your needs.


* every 2 cm in width and length (only in even dimensions).

What makes Baby Dream so special?/h2>


Anatomical materials for exceptional comfort


Excellent point support for the baby’s body from the special Baby Pocket springs.

Baby Pocket Springs offer multiple support points, following the natural curve of the baby’s spine. Every point on the baby’s body supports itself, as a result of which the mattress adapts perfectly to it and contributes to its proper physical development.


Enjoyable sense of comfort thanks to the quilted fabrics.


• Knitted Breathable Fabric with the Anti-Acaria health shield
• Cocoflex Anti Dust-Mite for incomparable hygiene
• Total Health Protection, for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
• Anti-Acaria Shield, the leading health shield for hygiene and protection.

the technology of Baby Dream


Enjoy great comfort
• The selected materials and the elastic fabric further enhance the sense of comfort provided by the mattress
Enjoy unique support
• Orthopedics is ensured by pocket springs that offer multiple points of support, as each works individually of the others, following the natural curve of your baby's spine.
Enjoy a unique feeling of embracing
• The flexible Coco-flex retains the humidity removal and ventilation properties of the mattress.
Enjoy unparalleled hygiene
• Hygiene of the mattress due to the anti-acarea® antimicrobial treatment.

* The price refers to a 100x160cm mattress

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