Brand New Campaign by Media Strom

Brand New Campaign by Media Strom
The energy of making your dreams come true, starts at Media Strom!

"Sleep well, live better" is the message of Media Strom's new TV campaign. In the movies, you can see the main characters -a pediatrician, a sprinter-, manage to make their dreams come true, by ensuring the necessary energy that Media Strom sleeping products offer.
"Key point" of the campaign is that the presentation of the bedrooms are at 90 degrees, with the main characters lie down and sleep as a natural extension of their daily efforts while deriving from sleeping the necessary forces to continue.

The new campaign has launched a few days ago and invites consumers to take advantage of sales up to 30% on products of Media Strom for a delightful and fully refreshing sleep .

The Media Strom is the No 1 company (based on published balance sheets ) in turnover and products recognition to the final consumer, with 96 % rate (Consumer market research-brand awareness survey by Metron Analysis).
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