• 2010s

    Completion of New Factory in Markopoulo

    Works in our new industrial facilities in Markopoulo are completed. The new factory, expanding in an area of 17,000 sq. m. in full operation today, is a real gem for modern European industry!
    All production facilities have been transferred to the new location, while the old factory in Rentis area continues to house the H/Q.

  • 2000s

    Major re-design of all Mattresses

    Media Strom proceeds to a complete re-launch of all 18 mattresses, designing 5 distinct lines: Optimum Line, Advance Line, Flexi Line, Basic Line & Baby Line.
    At the same time the Optimum line is expanded with the addition of 2 innovative mattresses, Diamond & Platinum, both built with a totally unique and breakthrough concept for the European Industry.

    Re-designing Media Strom stores to offer a unique shopping experience

    Media Strom created a new store concept that turned its retail Network into an unforgettable shopping experience for all visitors. All its 24 owned stores + the 12 franchising have been renovated with the new concept, which won first prize in the FRANCHISE AWARDS.

    Expansion via Franchising

    The company realizes the potential for a greater long-term return on its investment via the expansion of its retail network and decides to engage in Franchising. The company already enjoys a comparative advantage in this area, since it is operating its own retail store network for over 35 years.

    Investment in land for a new factory in future

    -Purchase of 40.000 sq.m. land in Markopoulo Attica, where the new factory will be eventually built. Already a building unit of 4000 sq. m. is housing an automated mattress production line, along with the existing production installations of 7.000 sq. m. in the Piraeus (Rentis) area.

    -Media Strom is the first to establish an R & D Lab. in Greece

    -Established an R & D Department, fully equipped with the latest tools for mattress testing. Thus we can test the mattresses durability, their performance through life and their anatomic and orthopaedic properties, via Durability Test, Roll Test and Ergo-check.

    -Launch of memory foam pillows

    -Launch of Space Comfort, a new line of revolutionary sleeping pillows made of memory Foam – a material developed specifically for NASA, to relieve the pressure of Astronauts.

    -Launch of Optimum – a breakthrough for sleep quality improvement!

    Optimum, the new generation of mattresses brought the revolution to Greek mattress industry, and was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the consumers.

    -ISO Certification of Athinaki (Media Strom)

    -ATHINAIKI was certified by TUV AUSTRIA for establishing and applying a Quality Assurance System according to EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

    Launch of EXTRA CLEAN

    A mattress protective cover with unique properties for tough conditions, aimed at the Hotel Business and Medical Institutions. An exclusive product of MEDIA STROM

    Launch of MediFlex
    In March, MEDIA STROM launched MEDIflex, an orthopaedic supportive system for all types of bed mattresses, for which it has the exclusive distribution in Greece.

    -Launch of Sleep Fresh

    A mattress protective cover with unique hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties, an exclusive product of MEDIA STROM.

    -Launch of INTENSE
    A 2-in-1 mattress quilted cover with antistatic and protective properties, an exclusive product of MEDIA STROM
    -Launch of BIOMEDIA
    A revolutionary top mattress cover with medical biomagnets, ideal for the relief of muscular pains and the release of stress and tension. A product that plays a very important role in the improvement of sleep quality. An exclusive product of Media Strom.

    ISO Certification of Athinaki (Media strom)

    ATHINAIKI was certified by TUV AUSTRIA for establishing and applying a Quality Assurance System according to EN ISO 9002 requirements.

  • 1990s

    Launch of a high quality mattress with stylex

    Media Strom exclusively launched the revolutionary raw material Stylex, an excellent substitute for latex, with all the latex properties and none of its disadvantages.

  • 1980s

    Launch of the 1st. Latex mattress in Greece

    Media Strom launch the first mattress in Greece, made entirely with natural Latex

    MEDIOTEL Establishment

    Athinaiki founded a new Department specializing in servicing the Hotel & Maritime Business with the development of a totally new product range, under the name MEDIOTEL.

    First appearance of Upholstered Beds in the Greek Market

    We are the first ever to import American type upholstered beds in Greece, with a growing number of loyal fans ever after

  • 1970s

    Launch of the 1st. orthopedic mattress in Greece

    Launch of the first ever orthopedic mattress in the Greek market under the name Media Strom that came to become generic for good sleep! A major breakthrough for its time, loved like no other!

    The 1st. Mattress Retail Shop is a fact!

    Media Strom opens the first retail mattress shop, aiming at meeting with the consumers face-to face and to understand their needs more thoroughly, so as to develop products that will satisfy them best!

  • 1960s

    Recognizing the importance of the mattress and its contribution to health and good physical condition, the owners of Athinaiki, John and Nicholas Niarchos, decided to enter the mattress production business.
    The establishment of the company signaled a new era for the mattress business in Greece, since Media Strom set the corner stone for sleep products of the highest quality.

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