About Media Strom

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    100% Greek company

    We are a 100% Greek company with more than half a century of expertise and affection for your sleep. We are next to you throughout Greece with more of 100 retail stores and a network of hundreds of partners taking care of your needs.

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    We have the greatest range of mattresses, beds, pillows and sleep products to choose from to cover your every need for rest and relaxation.

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    Safety and hygiene

    We use certified and ecological materials and raw materials, we follow the international hygiene regulations and quality checks thus ensuring hygiene and cleanliness to the final product we will deliver.

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    Technology and innovation

    We created a state of the art factory, one of the most perfect in the world, with pioneer mechanical equipment and the only R&D laboratory in Greece thus making sure, that we will deliver innovative, and durable products of high quality.
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    Always by your side

    We are devoted to providing you with a quality sleep thus improving your quality of life.

Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 17.00pm