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Mediflex Soft & Hard

Ideal for couples… which disagree on their mattress’ firmness!

This is an adjustable firmness frame that can satisfy any personal taste. Due to its unique Smart Firmness Control® technology, you can easily and without serious effort adjust the firmness, for different comfort level on each side.

Mediflex Soft & Hard | Code: 00000468 : : 190 : : 100
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214.00 €
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  • Characteristics
    • Ideal for couples of all ages that continue to have different preferences …about their sleeping surface!
    • 26 [+2] super flexible orthopedic slats on each side.
    • The 2 extra slats on the edges are wider than the rest, so they provide excellent support to the mattress…from head to toes.
    • Ideal for all the mattress collections.

    Available from 10/12/2018

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    Orthopedic slats (on each side)   28 
    Extra anatomic slats (wider than the rest) YES 
    (2 per side) 
    (2 per side) 
    (2 per side)
    (2 per side) 

    Perched slats YES 
    Arch shaped slats   YES 
    Distance between slats 2,4 cm   
    2,4 cm   
    2,4 cm   
    3,1 cm 
    5,4 cm 
    Material of slats specially treated beech or birch 
    specially treated beech or birch specially treated beech or birch specially treated beech or birch specially treated beech or birch
    Adjustable firmness   YES 
    Reclining at 5 points   (with telecontrol)  


    Available Dimensions 
    Width 80 - 180 cm [per 1cm]   80 - 180 cm [per 1cm]   80, 90, 100, 160, 170, 180 cm   80 - 180 cm [per 1cm]   
    80 - 180 cm [per 1cm]  
    Length 190 & 197 cm 190 & 197 cm 190 & 197 cm 190, 193 & 197 cm 190, 193 & 197 cm  
    Height 7,5 cm   7,5 cm     7,5 cm 5 cm   5 cm  
    Height with leg 24 cm 
    Adjustable central leg 
    31,5cm   31,5cm   31,5cm   29cm   29cm  
    Height 18 - 44 cm. Recommended with frames wider than 164 cm 
    Ideal combination for mattress line:   all mattresses   Optimum   Flexy & all mattresses with foam core 
    Advance   Basic